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System 2.0 Download!
Download the system 2.0 in the download area to play. Thank you!
05 January, 2017
Event Double - XP/SP/DROP/ADENA!
Lineage 2 Life 75x - Interlude [NO CUSTOM] Website: Event Double - XP/SP/DROP/ADENA! Start date: 12/24 - 01:00 Date of termination: 12/26 01:00 Obs: It wi...
22 December, 2016
Grande Inauguração HOJE!
Hello dear players with great pleasure we announce our grand opening today 16:00 GMT-3 so make your registration download our system and come and have fun!
17 December, 2016
Great Inauguration 12/17/2016
Hello dear players, we are looking forward to the grand opening on 17/12/2016 - 16:00 GMT-3. Call your friends bring your clan and come have fun with us! For clans that want to r...
13 December, 2016
Downloads + Registers Released!
Hello dear players we have just released the downloads and the logs can create your account and download our system for the great day 17/12/2016 our grand opening. Register: ...
13 December, 2016
Help Clans
Hello players to help the clans that will enter the server we will benefit them with the coin clan lv.8 full skill. So several clans will like this idea and take advantage of the s...
30 November, 2016
Forum Register
Hello dear players Register in our forum and see all the news and information from our server. Forum:
27 November, 2016
1º   Tyesh 1156 pvps
2º   Kensho 888 pvps
3º   Gela 721 pvps
1º   TomaloCap 554 pks
2º   RibeiroOy 370 pks
3º   Tyesh 326 pks